RT America -- January 14, 2016

Oil "Walmart scheme": Squeeze competition with low prices 
Oil prices sit at about $31.20, 72 cents up in just one day. Now, some nations are concerned that being cash-strapped will create political fallout. Joining RT’s Alex Mihailovich to break down the situation is journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin, who says that Saudi Arabia is deliberately manipulating oil prices to create a political crisis in Russia, Venezuela, and Iran.

Appeasement or victory? NYPD to pay up for surveilling Muslims 
The city New York reached a settlement concerning two lawsuits in which the New York Police Department was accused of unjustly surveilling Muslims following the September 11th attacks. RT’s Erin Ade explains why the city will pay the plaintiff’s $1.67 million to for legal fees, costs, and all other expenses.