RT America -- January 13, 2016

MSM ignores Navy’s entrance into Iranian waters 
If you watched the mainstream media’s coverage of Iran’s capture of American Navy sailors, one  would think that these sailors were snatched out of their beds somewhere in middle America and were not engaged in a hostile action, says journalist and author Max Blumenthal of Alternet. CNN repeatedly covered the story without mentioning the sailors were in Iranian waters, Blumenthal tells RT’s Ashlee Banks.

2015, a bombshell year: US dropped 23,000+ bombs on mostly Muslim nations
President Obama touted his toughness on foreign policy during his last SOTU, appealing to even Republicans when he boasted of the US’s military superiority and defense spending. RT’s Anya Parampil reports from Washington DC, breaking down the US military’s use of bombs and the relationship of the targeted nations with the United States.