RT News - December 30, 2015

Tamir Rice case: Police-prosecutor relationship affects grand juries 
Attorney and former prosecutor Kenneth Montgomery joins RT’s Simone Del Rosario to discuss how the use of a grand jury may have affected the case of the officer involved in the killing of Tamir Rice. Montgomery says normally that grand juries are one-sided affair wherein the prosecutor details evidence that may lead to an indictment. However, in many cases involving police officers, prosecutors present favorable evidence, with no one to counter those claims.

Protests against government plan to deport thousands 
Around 100 people marched to the North Lawn of the White House loudly voicing their opposition to the Obama administration and Department of Homeland Security to deport thousands of undocumented migrants from Central America. RT’s Manila Chan is on scene and discusses the issue with demonstrators, who say that large-scale deportations will break up families and send refugees back to the very violence which they are attempting to flee.