RT America -- November 3, 2015

Police are responsible for Abdul Akbar’s death, lying in reports – daughter

The family of Abdul Akbar, a 59-year-old black man who died behind bars after eight days in a Michigan jail, is suing Wayne County and the police department for his wrongful death, but the department says that Akbar died from natural causes related to heart disease. However, a newly released video might prove to be damning evidence against the police. Malikah Akbar and family attorney David Robinson talk with RT’s Simone Del Rosario about the case regarding her father’s dead and their lawsuit against Wayne County Police.

NYPD under fire for undercover detectives who targeted Muslim community

Civil rights activists are voicing concern over information stating that an undercover detective with the New York Police Department infiltrated the Muslim Community at Brooklyn College as part of the department’s intelligence division. The news comes after the NYPD claims to have foiled an alleged terror plot by two Queens teenagers. Simone Del Rosario talks with Lamis Deek, a human rights attorney, about the latest revelations in the case.