RT America -- October 28, 2015

Advocates outraged as Senate passes CISA, strikes down pro-privacy amendments

The Senate passed the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) on Tuesday, a controversial bill that has technology companies and security advocates concerned over future data protections. Lawmakers also struck down four proposed amendments to improve users’ security. Anya Parampil reports on government and activist responses.

Guilty for being a black girl? What we can learn about police brutality in schools from SC ‘body slam’ incident

The video of school officer Ben Fields manhandling and throwing a student across a South Carolina high school classroom caused outrage across the country, leading to Fields being fired and an investigation into his actions. However, many critics see the incident as an example of a bigger problem – namely how minorities are disproportionality targeted in public schools. Simone Del Rosario speaks with Brittney Cooper, professor at Rutgers University, about the issue of police brutality in American schools.