RT America -- October 21, 2015

Prisoners are denied communication rights due to political beliefs – investigative journalist

Most Americans might not be aware of Communications Management Units, better known as CMUs – prison units designed by the US Federal Bureau of Prisons to manage and monitor communication between inmates and the outside world that sometimes go so far as to restrict the access of prisoners to their families. Reporter Will Potter, one of the few journalists to visit a CMU, says that mostly Muslims have been locked up in these prisons since the George W. Bush administration’s launch of the War on Terror. He speaks with Simone Del Rosario.


Black musician killed by plainclothes officer while waiting for roadside assistance

Corey Jones, a Florida area drummer, was shot and killed by a plainclothes police officer after playing a gig, while waiting for help for his broken-down car. Simone Del Rosario speaks with one of his bandmates, Boris Simeonov, about the incident and his work with Jones before his death.