RT America -- October 13, 2015

Freddie Gray’s family ‘want justice, they want all the evidence to come out’ – family attorney

The judge in the pre-trial case of Freddie Gray heard the latest arguments surrounding the six officers charged with Gray’s death on Tuesday, with discussions placing a strong focus on whether five of the officers involved should have their testimonies thrown out. Anya Parampil speaks to Gray’s family lawyer, Billy Murphy Jr., about the progress of the pre-trial and how the Gray family has been reacting to the circumstances.

We learned so much from Sandy Hook, we wanted to bring it to other schools – school security advocate

Since the school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School left more than 20 children and six adult staff members dead, more than 150 school shootings have followed throughout America, according to Every Town for Gun Safety, a nonprofit that arose in the wake of the Newtown killing. Simone Del Rosario has an exclusive interview with Michele Gay, the mother of one of the victims in the Newtown shooting and a school security advocate, who is a proponent of the need for improved safety in schools across the country.