RT America -- October 8, 2015

26 ISIS targets, military fortifications and command points hit by Russian warplanes – Moscow

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian planes struck another number of Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS/ISIL) targets. RT’s Lizzie Phelan, who is one of the only foreign journalists still in Syria, reports on the continuing strikes that are attempting to stop the terrorist group.

US complicit in Saudi bombing of Yemeni civilians ‒ human rights activist

Amnesty International is criticizing the US and the UK for human rights violations in Yemen, accusing them of selling weapons and hardware to Saudi Arabia during the country’s intense airstrike and bombing campaign against Houthi rebels, which have killed hundreds of civilians since the end of March. RT’s Lindsay France speaks with human rights activist Ajamu Baraka about the Amnesty report and the ongoing violence devastating the region.