RT America -- September 24, 2015

Media shines light on police brutality but cover up continues – retired DC police officer

Over the last year, news coverage on police brutality has increased since the controversial in-custody deaths of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Sandra Bland in Texas, but why are many stories being left out?  Media analyst “Lionel” discusses why the mainstream media lacks coverage on citizens dying in police custody. Additionally, retired DC Metropolitan police officer and activist Ronald Hampton discusses police cover ups and doctored jail reports with RT’s Lindsay France.

LA commits $100 million to battle homelessness

Los Angeles officials have developed a $100 million plan to curb homelessness in 2016. The plan will reportedly provide permanent housing to the homeless, but critics are concerned about its timeframe and effectiveness. Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission, discusses how the plan can help homelessness in Skid Row with RT’s Brigida Santos.