RT America -- September 15, 2015

From Selma to DC: NAACP, civil rights advocates arrive in the capital

The NAACP is hosting a march from Selma, Alabama, to Washington, D.C., in a 1000-mile trek for voter equality in minority communities, and a fair criminal justice and education system. The march ends on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about ending the suppression of black voting rights 50 years ago. RT’s Simone Del Rosario reports.

Profanity towards police: Against the law?

Every year police officers arrest individuals for profanity and offensive comments, but it is not actually against the law. Courts have ruled that as long as an individual is not resorting to threats of violence, a person has the freedom of speech to say how they feel. RT’s Manuel Rapalo discusses past cases of free speech, as well as whether it can constitute breaking the law.