RT America -- September 8, 2015

‘Baltimore needs real reform in its police department; settlements aren’t justice’ – criminal justice advocate
With Baltimore poised to pay the family of Freddie Gray a $6.4 million settlement, the city has been under a media microscope ever since April’s incident sparked unrest over police brutality. Michael Wood, a former police officer in Baltimore, speaks with Anya Parampil about the remaining problems with law enforcement, and how it affects people on both a social and legal level.

‘Even with the votes, Obama did not convince his party about the Iran deal’ – investigative journalist

President Obama received the support of 41 Senate Democrats necessary to make sure that the current Iran nuclear deal can survive Congress, but investigative reporter Gareth Porter says that funding from people opposing the agreement remains an issue. He tells Anya Parampil more about the actual deal and why it’s still an uphill climb for the White House.