RT America -- August 07, 2015

‘Officer should be charged’ – Family of Zachary Hammond, 19 yo shot by cop, to RT

Nineteen-year-old Zachary Hammond was shot and killed by a police officer after a drug sting went wrong in South Carolina. His family has been demanding answers as to why the officer used deadly force. However, people are drawing parallels with the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Walter Scott in North Charleston. The race of the victims (Hammond was white, while the previous two were black) was the only difference. Anya Parampil speaks with Zachary’s parents, Paul and Angie Hammond, and their attorney Eric Bland about the latest information and their search for justice.

Warrantless cell phone tracking ruled unconstitutional by VA appeals court

A Virginia appeals court has ruled that the government cannot gather people’s phone records without a warrant following a high-profile case in Maryland in which cops were able to arrest a man after finding information through his phone records. Simone Del Rosario has more information.