RT America -- August 05, 2015

Critics call for diplomatic solutions against ISIS as US promises more airstrikes

Critics are hounding the Obama administration about its escalation of the bombing campaign against the Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL), citing major concerns over the growing civilian death toll and what legal rights the president has to intervene in the region. Anya Parampil has the details on the situation.

Ferguson Police Dept. attempted to obscure arresting journalists – Trey Yingst

Journalist Trey Yingst settled a civil rights lawsuit against the St. Louis County PD after being arrested by Ferguson police during the spell of the unrest following the death of teenager Michael Brown. Yingst talks to Manila Chan and tells his story about being locked up in Ferguson, how departments attempted to obscure and falsify information on his arrest record, and what he is hoping for regarding the city’s future.