RT America -- July 21, 2015

Conflicting evidence emerges over the death of Sandra Bland

The Waller County Sheriff’s Department has released more video of the hours before activist Sandra Bland was found dead in her prison cell following a traffic violation arrest. However, the new footage does not add more to clarity to Bland’s case, and activists and family members are demanding an investigation from the Department of Justice to find answers. Anya Parampil speaks with Michael Hardy, general counsel of to the National Action Network, to get an in-depth understanding of this legal situation.

Robots may claim legal rights as humans – legal analyst

The rise of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics has created more questions about how robots will be treated in the future – whether they deserve human rights (or bot rights) and what those rights may look like in the near future. Anya Parampil speaks with Ryan Calo, a scholar with the Center for Internet and Society, about what legal rights might be around the corner for AI.