Monsanto hides evidence, threats to humanity, and new tax loophole

Host Lee Camp delves into Monsanto's efforts to hide the public health hazards in their herbicides. There's evidence that the company knew these chemicals could cause cancer but tried to contain information. A UN report finds just how dangerous it is to be a woman, and a human on this planet as climate scientists forecast damage to the economy and people. The US commits war crimes at the border as agents throw tear gas on unarmed migrants, and the country collaborates with the UAE to hire mercenaries to further spread death and destruction in Yemen. Correspondent John F. O'Donnell covers how big-box retailers like Walmart and Target are using a new tax loophole called "dark store theory" to rip off small towns all across America. Then, correspondent Natalie McGill reveals how medical devices are spying on users and using data to jack up insurance rates, leaving us to wonder what other types of privacy invasion are around the corner.

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