Conversation with Peter Joseph: Money is debt & Trump’s impeachment

In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, host Lee Camp interviews author, filmmaker, and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, Peter Joseph. Lee speaks to Joseph about his new book, The New Human Rights Movement. They talk about all of the illusions we’ve internalized about the free-market and have an in-depth discussion on how pervasive and deep-rooted the big lie of capitalism really is. Joseph then puts forth a number of groundbreaking ideas for a how society can proceed in a better way and create a more equitable world that overcomes our lower-lizard brains by elevating our consciousness and empathy. Peter Joseph is one of the great thinkers of our time, and this interview lends great insight into his ideas. In the second half of VIP, Lee tears into the asinine Donald Trump and talks about the possibility of his impeachment. However, he’s careful to point out that, although that would be awesome, it wouldn’t change much. We’re living in a broken system and Trump is a sad, sorry symptom of that, not the root cause.

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