Could Humankind be on brink of major evolution?! Author Daniel Pinchbeck

In this episode of Redacted Tonight VIP, Lee Camp interviews best-selling author Daniel Pinchbeck about his new book, How Soon Is Now? Pinchbeck really delves into and pegs the present-day existential crisis that humankind is grappling with. While admitting that this is in many ways a scary and dangerous time, he talks with Lee about how there is also a monumental opportunity to make a giant leap forward in evolution. Instead of staying on a course that will lead to our utter destruction and extinction, we can, instead, reinvent society in an equitable, regenerative, and sustainable way. We can move to a post-capitalist world via a revolution of consciousness. In the second half of the episode, Lee lambasts Donald Trump for his continued reckless behavior. This time, he takes Trump to task for agreeing to sell $460 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia over the next 10 years. Lee points out that Trump is not only continuing to arm one of the most repressive regimes on earth to the teeth, but also completely contradicting himself. Lee delves into the vicious human-rights violations currently being committed by the Saudi-led coalition amidst the unfolding tragedy in Yemen, which is largely being funded by the US..

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