Peter Schiff's prescription for monetary rehab, secrets of wartime spending

The Treasury is in the green -- if only temporarily. But don’t hold your breath, because the Treasury expects to plunge back into the red next quarter. We talk about deficits and the debt crisis with Peter Schiff. And it’s been 100 days of the president’s second term. Today he warned of Syria’s probable use of chemical weapons. While cautioning that more evidence must be gathered before taking action, he did warn the regime has crossed the “red line.” We take a look into the fine print of military spending in a special segment today. Also, Walmart wants to get into banking. A three-year moratorium imposed by Dodd-Frank will expire in July, allowing purely commercial firms to own industrial loan companies and other limited-purpose banking charters. Perianne and Bob discuss the revolution in the payments system in today's Daily Duel.

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