RT America - August 1, 2018

China to US on Tariffs: ‘Blackmail’ Will Not Work

The now weekly tit-for-that war of words between the US and China over tariffs. RT America’s Manila Chan is following the story and joins us with more.

Dismay with Theresa: Brexit Fallout Continues
A pending Brexit moves is having all sorts of fallout across the Eurozone. A new dispute is emerging between London and Brussels, this time over markets. This dispute is just one of several issues left unresolved as the Brexit cutoff date approaches.  RT America’s Holland Cooke analyzes with host of The Alex Salmond Show, Alex Salmond.

Tennis Player Throws Repeated Temper Tantrum After Loss

Frenchman Benoit Paire destroyed three tennis rackets and a bench in an epic meltdown at the Citi Open. In soccer, Manchester United beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the International Champions Cup. The best in Major League Soccer faceoff against Juventus in the MLS All Star Game in Atlanta. RT America’s Steve Christakos has the latest from the world of sports.