RT News - April 26, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

The deployment of an American anti-missile complex to South Korea is met with anger from locals, escalating into clashes with police. That's as the U.S. State Department gets a fresh face, Heather Nauert - a former TV talk-show host, with little background in politics. The remaining two candidates for the French presidency trade blows - with Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen labelling her rival as the "candidate of the oligarchy" while centrist Emmanuel Macron accuses her of neglecting French values.  Russia has been accused of hacking into another electoral campaign - a Japanese anti-virus firm has released a report, alleging Russian hackers targeted Emmanuel Macron. Weapons from a NATO-member state have ended up in the hands of jihadists in Syria, this according to a Bulgarian journalist who traced the arms shipment from Europe via the Saudi capital.