RT News - November 27, 2016 (12:00 MSK)

The information war sets a new bar this week - as the EU parliament places the threat from Russian media on the same footing as ISIL, while American activists start blacklisting those who don't criticize Russia strongly enough. France's conservative party prepares to pick its candidate to face the National Front's Marine le Pen in next year's presidential election. The favourite's now the former underdog, Francois Fillion. But the media's moving against him, playing its old card - his ties with Putin. The world reacts to the death of Fidel Castro - from leftists across the globe to locals on the streets of Havana people pay tribute to the Cuban revolutionary leader. But it's another scene in Miami, Florida, as the large Cuban community celebrates what it sees as the death of a dictator. The world's media also passes its judgement.