RT News - July 03, 2016 (17:00 MSK)

The death toll of the terror attack in Baghdad has almost doubled in the last few hours, with officials saying 130 people have been confirmed dead. A wave of terror hits three countries in just one week - with all the tragedies linked to Islamic State, as the group targeted populated areas. The mastermind of the terror attack at Istanbul international airport has reportedly been identified as a man from the Republic of Chechnya in Russia but refugee status in Austria has prevented his extradition to Russia under terror charges for years. Sparks fly when British MEP Nigel Farage comes face to face with the European Commission President in Brussels - just days after the UK voted to exit the EU. From defiance to admission - Turkey apologises for shooting down of that Russian military jet last November. The incident led to the worst deterioration of Turkish-Russian relations in recent history.