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The News with Rick Sanchez - March 06, 2019 (19:00 ET)

Military skirmish on Venezuela border averted 

Rick Sanchez discusses the frustration of the latest plan for regime change in Venezuela. Reports have emerged that 200 armed exiles joined opposition leader Juan Guaido in an attempt to crash the border into Venezuela and drive back the Venezuelan national guardsmen blocking the bridge, but their violent plan was stopped when Colombian officials interceded to prevent the confrontation. Then Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins to weigh in, pointing out the problem of trying to reconcile how Americans view their country’s bellicose foreign policy with the reality in places affected by it.

Kicking Elliot Abrams off Holocaust Museum cmte

Petitioners are urging the US Holocaust Memorial Council and Committee on Conscience to drop the infamous neocon Elliott Abrams due to his involvement in regime-change violence in Latin America. He has held his position on the committee since 2009. RT America’s Michele Greenstein reports for the News with Rick Sanchez.

Missing Einstein papers discovered

Researchers have discovered an archive of never-before-seen handwritten letters by famous physicist and historical icon Albert Einstein. Three of the 1916 letters deal with Einstein’s work on the absorption and emission of light atoms – a concept that would become the basis of laser technology. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports for the News with Rick Sanchez.