News with Ed - July 19, 2018

Putin at the White House: US Missile Placement on the Agenda 
Sometime this fall we could see Vladimir Putin at the White House. What's on the agenda? Russia is concerned about American missile defense systems in Eastern Europe placed there after NATO expanded into the region following the cold war. To analyze, RT America’s Holland Cooke is joined by former US Diplomat Jim Jatras.

Standing Rock 2.0: Canada & US See Oil Pipeline Protest
Authorities in Canada and the United States are bracing for Standing Rock style protests in British Columbia and Washington State. Demonstrators led by native groups say the Canadian government is determined to push more oil from the tar sands to the west coast. RT’s Alex Mihailovich is in Toronto with the story.

Are We living in a divided country?

According to a recent poll called “One Country two radically different narratives” reveals major differences in the way republicans and democrats view the trajectory of this country. For more on this,  attorney & founder at B.A.B.E.S in the Workplace M. Reese Everson and GOP strategist and attorney Ken del Vecchio joins RT America’s Holland Cooke to discuss.