News with Ed - June 27, 2018

Bolton visits Russia ahead Trump-Putin Summit

US National Security Adviser, John Bolton met with President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Bolton arrived in Russia to prepare the summit between the US and Russian presidents. According to the Security Adviser, the face-to-face meeting will improve relations between the two nations. For more on this, RT’s America Manila Chan was joined by former Pentagon official Michael Maloof to discuss today’s meeting.

Cop Faces 40 Years After Shooting Unarmed Teen in the Back

The east Pittsburgh police officer who fatally shot unarmed 17 year old Antwon rose Jr. in the back during a traffic stop, killing him, was arrested Wednesday after being charged with criminal homicide. Officer Michael Rosfeld, who turned himself in, could face a sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison. Prosecutors said that Officer Rosfeld was never threatened by rose. RT America’s Manila Chan is joined Ashlee Banks, who just returned from Pittsburgh.

Leftist candidate leads Mexico’s presidential race

More than 100 politicians have been murdered in the lead-up to Sunday’s nationwide elections.  Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a clear favorite to win the presidency in what is his third attempt. He is running with an agenda focused on curbing corruption and poverty. For more on this, RT’s America Anya Parampil with more.