News with Ed - June 25, 2018

Police Shooting Victim’s Funeral Held in Pittsburgh

Funeral services were held in Pittsburgh for Antwon Rose Jr. who was 17 years old when he was shot and killed by police in East Pittsburgh last week. The funeral follows several days of protests where residents have demanded justice and accountability. RT America’s Ashlee Banks reports live.

Trade War: Trump Targets China, Again

The President's trade war with China continues to heat up. President Trump is now planning on barring a list of Chinese companies from investing in U.S. technology firms. The administration also plans to block certain technology exports to Beijing.Now China is reacting by freeing up to 100 billion dollars in its central banks to shore up the nation's small businesses. Chinese officials fear restrictions on U.S. investment may hurt its own national economy. RT America’s Manila Chan analyzes with Commissioner Bart Chilton host of Boom Bust.

Plus-Size Movement: Is There a Negative Side?

The “plus-size” movement has been garnering support around the world, but now experts say that while the movement promotes self-love and confidence, it also may have negative consequences.  RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports and psychotherapist Nancy Colier analyzes.