News with Ed - June 7, 2018

What role will Japan play in US North Korea summit?

President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed optimism about the upcoming summit in Singapore. In a joint press conference at the White House, Trump added that the meeting with North Korea represents the beginning of a bright new future for the peninsula. For more on this, RT America’s Manila Chan is joined by investor and writer Charles Ortel.

DACA bill splits GOP lawmakers

House republicans have not reached a deal on how to proceed on immigration legislation. Moderate and conservative GOP lawmakers are divided on how to treat young immigrants who came to the US as children. For more on this, Georgia state representative Erica Thomas and conservative commentator DeAnna Lorraine joins RT America’s Manila Chan.

Google: Possible $11 billion fine tanks stocks for parent company

Google’s parent company, Alphabet’s stocks fell following an announcement by the EU that the company will be slapped with up to $11 billion in fines for abusing its dominance. RT America’s Manila Chan and Bart Chilton (host of Boom Bust on RT America) look deeper into this.