News with Ed - May 29, 2018

‘Six major powers’ involved in US-N. Korea summit – analyst

The recent diplomatic activity between North Korea and the United States indicate the talks between Kim Jong-Un and President Donald Trump might be back on. Geopolitical strategist John Sitilides joins RT America’s Ed Schultz for details about the summit.

Gaza groups fire back at Israeli air strikes

Groups in Gaza have begun to answer Israeli airstrikes with mortar fire. The Palestinians in Gaza have been protesting the Israeli siege and occupation for almost two months now. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports.

Microdosing: Newest drug trend heading to the east coast

A Silicon Valley trend called “microdosing” is making its way to the east coast. Professionals are turning to small amounts of illegal drugs, not to get high, but to enhance their performance at work. RT America’s Trinity Chavez explains.