News with Ed - May 17, 2018

Political games over Net Neutrality

The US Senate passed a resolution to restore Net Neutrality rules previously repealed by the FCC. The bill now faces the House and President Trump. How did net neutrality become so political? To analyze this, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by democratic strategist Robin Biro and republican grassroots strategist Scottie Nell Hughes.

Pompeo demanded North Korea remove nukes in six months

According to Japan's Asahi Shimbun newspaper the United States is demanding North Korea remove some of its nuclear stockpile from the country within six months. The demand was reportedly delivered by Mike Pompeo on May 9 during his visit to Pyongyang to retrieve three american prisoners. The news comes days after North Korea threatened to withdraw from a summit with President Trump in Singapore in June. To look at the impact of this, RT America’s is joined by Peter Kuznick, director of The Nuclear Studies Institutue At American University.

Aliens, aliens everywhere? UK Scientists say maybe

Scientists in the United Kingdom are now saying that aliens could exist in other places within the multi-verse (the multi-verse itself being the concept that there is more than one universe). This theory based on something known as dark matter. RT America’s Manila Chan reports.