News with Ed - May 15, 2018

Why is the US provoking N Korea with military drills?

North Korea has suspended talks with South Korea and has threatened to call off a summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un over US military drills with South Korea. For more on this, former ambassador Suzan Johnson and Republican strategist Cliff Maloney join RT America’s Ed Schultz.

World leaders: ‘Israel must stop killing’ Palestinians

The international community is condemning Israel’s deadly force reaction along the Gaza border, where over 50 Palestinians were killed during protests against the official opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.  RT America’s Dan Cohen reports.

Farm bill falls short because of Republicans says union rep

The US farm bill is scheduled to go to the floor this week, however House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway says republicans are still a few votes short of the 218 needed. The bill is being complicated, in part, by fears of a trade war with China. Some farm groups say figuring out trade with china is even more important than the new bill. To analyze this, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by Senior Vice President of public policy and communications at the National Farmers Union, Rob Larew.

Oh baby: AT&T sued for pregnancy discrimination 

As AT&T continues to face criticism for its plan to merge with Time Warner, the media conglomerate is now facing an internal scandal regarding discrimination against pregnant employees. RT America’s Manila Chan reports.