News with Ed - April 10, 2018

Home and small business thefts on the rise

As online shopping becomes more common, the US is experiencing a wave of home and small business thefts. Natasha Sweatte has this report.

Debate: Is Congress equipped to handle the Facebook scandal?

Many are now questioning the legitimacy of Facebook, saying the social media giant has ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ biases. Others say CEO Mark Zuckerberg is undermining the public’s trust in the networking platform by selling user data to advertisers and third-party entities. RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks to the chair of Progress for All Tim Canova and Republican grassroots strategist Scottie Nell Hughes for more.

Syria: diplomatic boiling point

As President Donald Trump’s self-imposed deadline nears for a response to a reported chemical weapons attack in Syria, tensions are increasing. Former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins Ed Schultz to discuss what America’s next move might be.