News with Ed - March 27, 2018

Is a trade war with China on the horizon?

President Donald Trump is reaching out to European allies as he pushes back against Chinese trade practices. In a phone call, the White House says Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed "joining forces to counter China's unfair economic practices." Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is optimistic that the United States and China can strike a deal to avoid any sort of trade war. For more, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by Sourabh Gupta, policy analyst for the Institute for China-America Studies.


Debate: Will the new census question violate civil rights?

California is suing the Trump administration to stop the Department of Commerce from asking census takers if they are US citizens. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says it will prevent the census from getting an accurate count. RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with former Florida Democratic Party chairman Mitch Ceasar and Ted Harvey from the Committee to Protect the President for more.