News With Ed -- May 31, 2017

Hillary’s political bitterness

Hillary Clinton made a number of public comments Wednesday concerning her failed 2016 bid for the presidency. She insisted “the Russians ran an extensive information war campaign against my campaign to influence voters in the election” and attacked the DNC for a lack of support, saying she “inherited nothing” from the party. Conservative commentator and author Dr. Gina Loudon and Democratic strategist and radio host Rob Taub join “News with Ed” to offer their reactions. They also discuss the likely outcomes of President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate agreement.

Is Sean Hannity’s head next on the chopping block?

Sean Hannity may be next on the Fox News chopping block, as advertisers have begun to drop his show over his reporting on former DNC staffer Seth Rich. This is part of a long pattern of scandal and forced resignation plaguing the network. Media consultant Holland Cooke joins “News with Ed” to discuss the future of Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber it helped to build.