News With Ed -- May 4, 2017

Politics from the pulpit

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday proclaiming that religious leaders may address political topics in their sermons and even endorse specific candidates without being stripped of their tax-exempt status. While religious organizations across the country celebrate the renewed opportunity to influence politics and broader society, critics see the order as a betrayal of foundational American principles. RT America’s Manila Chan reports. Then Democratic strategist Rob Taub and Matt Keelen, founder of the Keelen group, join RT America’s “News with Ed” to weigh in on the controversy and discuss the passage of the American Health Care Act.

‘We should heal this hurt’: Koreans yearn for reunification

Even as rising tensions between North and South Korea risk widening the gulf between the two countries, countless Koreans hold fast to the hope of eventual reunification. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario explores Imjingak, a monument park in the extreme north of South Korea near the DMZ and heavily fortified border with the North. People routinely leave flags, ribbons, mementos and messages in honor of loved ones “left behind,” trapped for decades on the other side.