News With Ed -- November 17, 2016

Are Democrats reluctant to admit Bernie Sanders is head of the Party?
Senate Democrats have elected Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) to be their Outreach Chair, but what does this position actually mean? To discuss why Democrats are reluctant to call him the head and face of their party, radio talk show host Joe Madison and Republican strategist Frank McCarthy join ‘News with Ed.’ McCarthy says Democrats are simply “throwing him a bone” with the new title and Sanders “was the voice of the movement, but not the movement after endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

Assange’s lawyers will ask Trump to end US investigation into WikiLeaks
Julian Assange’s legal team will appeal to President-elect Donald Trump to drop the espionage investigation into the WikiLeaks founder. There is a chance Trump could act favorably towards Assange since WikiLeaks published thousands of emails from Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign that may have helped Trump win the election. RT correspondent Polly Boiko has the report.