News With Ed -- November 03, 2016

‘They’ve ruined our country, why would we vote for them?’ – Jesse Ventura on GOP & Dems 
Millennials and younger voters seem to be unimpressed by the two major presidential candidates. Is there any way to get younger voters more enthused with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? To discuss this issue, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura joins “News with Ed” and says Democrats and Republicans have “ruined our country, why would we vote for them?”

African American voter turnout less than in 2012
The African American vote is a major key for Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House, but early voting turnout amongst African Americans has been lower in 2016 than in 2012. To discuss this issue, Mittie Davis Jones, associate professor emeritus from Cleveland State University, joins “News with Ed” and says, “There will be a surge in voting closer to Election Day.”