News With Ed -- October 12, 2016

Could get the same emails from GOP elites as DNC – Ann Coulter
Some of the hacked emails uncover what some conservatives have said all along about Hillary Clinton – that she’s untrustworthy. Meanwhile, there’s a political civil war breaking out in the Republican Party with Donald Trump saying he doesn’t need or want support from House Speaker Paul Ryan. But are the parties so different? Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter joins ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.

Will the 3rd debate turn the tide from Clinton?
The US is on the home stretch to election day and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are making their pitches to the critical battleground states. The latest polls show Clinton leading in several key states in which Donald Trump had been leading prior to the leaked audio of him bragging about sexual assault. But there’s still one debate left that could change everything. Charmaine Yoast, former Reagan adviser, and Bud Jackson, democratic strategist, join ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.