News With Ed -- October 10, 2016

Wall Street speeches and locker room talk: Can candidates shake latest controversies?
Friday’s scandal following the leaked audio of Donald Trump caught making comments about women on a hot mic has certainly affected his numbers, with Clinton leading in the double digits according to some polls. Meanwhile, many say she won Sunday’s debate. So is the race over? Maybe not so fast, as Clinton has encountered new controversies after WikiLeaks began releasing some excerpts of the transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street. Emmy award winning journalist David Shuster and Ed Martin, former Missouri state GOP chairman join ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.

Democratic primary was ‘rigged’ – fmr Bernie advisor
Newly leaked emails raise a number of a number of questions over Hillary Clinton’s position on key issues. In one paid speech to Wall Street, Clinton said that politicians need to have “public” and “private” positions. Does this compound Clinton’s trust issues with some voters? Larry Cohen, former president of the Communications Workers of America and adviser to Bernie Sanders during his presidential campaign joins ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.