News With Ed -- September 22, 2016

Presence of National Guard might heighten unrest – Former NC State Senator 
The second night of violent protests in Charlotte resulted in nine people injured and 44 arrested, according to the city's police chief. The 44 arrestees are charged with failure to disperse, assault and breaking and entry, with more unrest expected Thursday, the third night since the killing of Keith Scott by police. For more on this, “News With Ed” is joined by former North Carolina State Senator Malcolm Graham (D). 

Fight over Dakota Access Pipeline rages on 
Native Americans took their case against the Dakota Access Pipeline to Capitol Hill, with a democratic hearing seeing the emotional testimonies from Native American activists, including the chairman of the Standing Rock tribe. RT America’s Ed Schultz spoke with Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) who says the federal government is ignoring the sovereign rights of Native Americans.