News With Ed -- August 22, 2016

‘Being here is my duty”– Aleppo residents refuse to leave city despite war
Intense fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo has forced many of its residents to flee. But some of those with the opportunity to do so have decided to stay despite the risks. RT correspondent Lizzie Phelan traveled to the war-torn city to speak to residents and find out why they refuse to leave.

Profit-focused corporations pulling out of Obamacare
Aetna, one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States, has announced that it is pulling out of Obamacare in every state except four—Nebraska, Iowa, Delaware and Virginia. Is this an example of corporate greed or is the Affordable Care Act failed policy? To discuss, health insurance expert and author, Wendell Potter, joins News with Ed and says Aetna is very profitable but doesn’t want to lose money in the short-run and it is “not a big setback” overall for Obamacare.