News With Ed -- August 16, 2016

Trump showing ‘absolute leadership’ by appearing in Milwaukee - Trump advisor 
Donald Trump made a campaign stop in West Bend, Wisconsin, after meeting with veterans and police officers in Milwaukee days after violent protests there. Jack Kingston, a former Republican US representative from Georgia and senior advisor to Trump, joins News with Ed and says by showing up in Milwaukee, Trump is showing “absolute leadership,” and that Trump will address race relations by creating more jobs. 

‘Shadow Brokers’ auctioning off NSA hacking tools 
The US government’s top spying agency may have itself been victim to a hack. A mysterious online group known as the “Shadow Brokers” is auctioning off malware and hacking tools that it says come from the National Security Agency (NSA). RT America’s Simone Del Rosario speaks with Tom Parker, the chief technology officer at cybersecurity firm FusionX, who says attributing the hack to a specific person or government is tricky, and the information may have been leaked by the NSA itself to “show its military power in the domain of cyber.”