News With Ed -- August 15, 2016

Protests come from disparity and hopelessness in community – Wisconsin State Sen. Lena Taylor

Following a night of violent protests as the result of a African-American killed by police, Wisconsin Democrats claim that the policies of Republican Governor Scott Walker and other republicans are to blame for the unrest such as budget cuts in education in minority communities. Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor joins RT’s Ed Schultz from the protest site stating that the root of the unrest stems from “The disparities that have existed for a long time in our city and people feeling hopeless, people not having access to opportunity.” Taylor continues to explain that officials cannot “Police ourselves out of this. This is built upon trauma and trauma that has not been treated in this community.”

DOJ Reports in many cities show a long standing tensions between police and minority communities

In a campaign stop with Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton touched upon the recent racial unrest in Milwaukee stating “everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law.” Roland Martin, host of News One Now joins RT’s Ed Schultz in the studio stating that the DOJ reports in multiple cities such as Baltimore, New York, New Orleans and Cleveland among others that “there is a long standing issue between communities of color and between police departments.” Martin continues to explain that all the recent unrest and video evidence of police brutality “forces Americans to stop having a utopian view of police.”