RT America -- August 10, 2016

US-Russia relations may fast track to conflict if hawkish thinking of some Clinton advisers prevails – ex-Pentagon official

In a recent interview, former CIA deputy director Michael Morell, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, made a series of comments that called for the covert assassinations of Russians and Iranians to deal with the crisis in Syria. Former Senior Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins RT’s Ed Shultz in the studio claiming that Morell only endorsed Clinton because he wants a high ranking position within her administration. Maloof goes onto explain that Morell’s comments are “very disturbing” and “It would be a fast track for an open conflict between the United States and Russia if his type of thinking were to prevail” in a future Clinton administration.

Illinois Governor does not care about schooling of poor kids – President of American Teacher Federation.

As another school year begins, a thousand teachers in Chicago’s inner city school district have been laid off. The Chicago Teacher’s Union responded in a statement saying that layoffs only weaken schools and put students at a disadvantage and that the layoffs are targeted at under-performing schools with a high percentage of minority students. Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers states that “With the current governor, just like in Indiana just like in Michigan, they don’t care about kids in the city.” Weingarten explains that a school’s funding is based on the property taxes of that area and that the lack of funding is a civil rights issue.