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News With Ed -- August 09, 2016

Donald Trump does not stand up for workers  – Union leader

Conservative lawmakers have been pushing to pass a federal piece of legislation entitled the National Right to Work act which would make it harder for workers to unionize. Leo Gerard,  President of the International Steelworkers Union joins RT’s Ed Schultz stating that if the legislation is passed, it would “depress wages, depress pensions, depress benefits and what it will do is add to the spread of income inequality.” When speaking on the issue of trade in the 2016 presidential election, Gerard states that “Donald Trump has no record of standing up for workers, you look at his clothing line, you look at all the things he’s done, and they’ve all been made in low wage countries.” 

U.S would be smart to mend relationship with Russia  – Former U.S Diplomat

Today, Vladmir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan met to mend their broken diplomatic relationship after Turkish military previously shot down a Russian jet. In a statement, the US state department maintains that their relationship with Turkey is still strong despite the United States’ refusal to extradite a Muslim Cleric that Erdogan believes is responsible for the recent coup. Former US diplomat Jim Jatras joins RT’s Ed Schultz in the studio stating that “If The United States can changed it’s failed policies, we have every reason to patch things up with Moscow and Ankara but I don’t know if they’re willing to do it, I don’t think Hillary can do it”