News With Ed -- July 25, 2016

DNC chair resigns after leaked emails show committee conspired against Sanders 
Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned after WikiLeaks released of 20,000 DNC emails. The communiques show a clear split between the DNC and the Bernie Sanders campaign, with a clear committee bias towards Hillary Clinton. RT America’s Manuel Rapalo reports that the FBI is investigating the cyber intrusion and that pro-Clinton strategist Donna Brazile will take over as interim head of the DNC.

Bernie would be nominee in more neutral environment
Bernie Sanders supporters are “Bern-ing” with anger on the floor of the Democratic National Convention because of the leaked Democratic National Committee emails. Larry Cohen, former president of the Communications Workers of America and a Bernie Sanders campaign surrogate, joins “News with Ed” and says, “With a more neutral environment, Bernie Sanders would be the nominee tonight.”