News With Ed -- July 12, 2016

From ‘Feel the Bern’ to ‘I’m with Her’: Sanders endorses Clinton for president
In what may be the biggest and most important endorsement Hillary Clinton receives this campaign season, Bernie Sanders has decided to formally endorse Clinton for president of the United States. It’s an endorsement the mainstream media has been waiting and hoping for, but will Bernie supporters come out to the polls for Clinton? National Surrogate for Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, joins “News with Ed” and says that 90 percent of what Sanders wanted in the Democratic platform has been adopted and that Sanders will travel the country in support of Hillary.

Sharing your Netflix password may land you in prison
Be careful before you plan your next “Netflix and Chill” session, it could be a crime. A US court has ruled that sharing Netflix or HBO Go passwords is a violation of federal law. For more, legal and media expert, Lionel, of Lionel Media joins “News with Ed” and says that the statute the court cited is “one of the most draconian statutes I have ever seen in my life.”