News With Ed -- July 5, 2016

Does the timeline of FBI statements on Clinton indicate collusion? 
Donald Trump has made the case for months that the Democrats are protecting Hillary Clinton and will continue to do so. But is there an orchestrated effort in releasing information pertaining to the Clinton email scandal? Some critics argue that the timeline of FBI statements and President Obama joining Clinton in her campaign for president is suspicious. To give their takes, Ian Walters of Conservative Union and radio host Joe Madison join ‘News With Ed.’

#BernieOrBust movement now camping around Philly with plans to #OccupyDNC 
Just a few weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, an unusual trend is happening at local campsites around the city of brotherly love. Members of the #BernieOrBust movement have locked up campground reservations in place of hotels and other housing. But what is the city doing in response? RT America’s Manila Chan reports.