News With Ed -- June 16, 2016

Will the GOP dump Trump? 
With Donald Trump’s unfavorable ratings at the highest level they’ve ever been, there is speculation that the Republican Party may attempt to replace the presumptive GOP presidential nominee at the convention. To discuss the likelihood that this actually happens, Sarah Westwood, reporter for the Washington Examiner; Heidi Harris, conservative talk show host; and Ernie White, conservative commentator, join ‘News with Ed’.

Farewell to arms? Senate Dems want vote on gun control measures 
Democrats in the Senate staged a 15-hour filibuster trying to force a vote on two gun-control measures. They want to prevent individuals on terror watch lists from purchasing firearms and to expand background checks for individuals purchasing firearms at gun shows and online. To talk gun control, Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence tells ‘News with Ed’, “We’ve reached a tipping point” and that “there is no place in our society for assault weapons.”