News With Ed -- June 15, 2016

Hillary won’t pressure Bernie to end campaign
Hillary Clinton met with Bernie Sanders after the Washington, DC primary on Tuesday, and the two discussed a variety of issues where they are seeking common ground. The meeting did not lead to an endorsement for Clinton just yet, and the Clinton campaign is not pressuring Sanders to drop out of the race before the convention. Brent Budowsky, columnist for the Hill, and Joe Madison, radio host for Sirius XM, join ‘News with Ed’ to discuss the “dime’s worth of difference” between the two candidates. 

FBI, prosecutors investigating Orlando shooter's wife
The FBI is investigating the Orlando shooter's wife, Noir Salman, but she has yet to be charged. Salman was reportedly with her husband, Omar Mateen, when he purchased the ammunition used to carry out the attack on Pulse nightclub. Prosecutors plan to present evidence before a federal grand jury to determine whether to bring charges against her. For more on the amount of evidence the FBI and federal prosecutors will need to charge and potentially convict Noir Salman, legal and media analyst, Lionel, of Lionel Media, joins ‘News with Ed’.