News With Ed -- June 13, 2016

Thousands turn out in Orlando for Pulse Nightclub shooting vigil
Thousands of people headed to an Orlando vigil to commemorate the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. We’ll hear from members of the Orlando LGBT community to get their thoughts on the tragedy. Then, RT America’s Marina Portnaya joins live from the vigil to give the latest.

Hatred of gays, blacks, women may have inspired Orlando shooter, as well as radical Islam
Some experts now believe that Wahhabism inspired the beliefs of Islamic State. While a conversation is underway as to whether the attack on an Orlando nightclub was an act of terrorism or a hate crime, the incident adds to a long list of lone-wolf attacks in the United States. For more on this, Mark Potock, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty and Law Center, joins ‘News With Ed’.